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Our Supplement’s Quality & Standards

  • CB-Neuro™ uses a powerful and safe combination of CBN, CBD, and CBG to promote healthy sleep and brain protection. These different cannabinoids are derived naturally from the hemp plant.
  • Our team has learned how to harness these components and use them to encourage and boost overall health within the body. CB-Neuro™ is free from extra additives and hormones that other over-the-counter medications contain.
  • This physician-endorsed formula is a great way to get the sleep your body deserves and the protection your brain needs from neurodegenerative disorders. More of the health benefits that CB-Neuro™ offers includes:

CB-Neuro™ is a 1:1 ratio of sleep-inducing CBN and CBD. It does not produce psychoactive effects.


CB-Neuro™ is free from melatonin and other hormonal additives and synthetic ingredients.

Quality Assured

The hemp used to produce CB-Neuro™ is rigorously tested by independent, third-party labs.